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October 12, 2019

bridal portrait


Would you believe me if I told you that Tropic Storm Imelda was approaching the Houston during these bridal portraits? I am not going to lie, I was incredibly nervous about this bridal session with the weather. As you can see from my previous work, I generally fall under the “light & airy” photographer category. During my sessions, I rely a lot on the natural light from the sky. During this session, it was so incredibly dark and starting to rain. My nerves were getting to me. I know Abby personally, so I wanted to make sure these were the bridal portraits of her dreams! We agreed that if the lack of light limited us, we would make sure to grab some extra shots on the wedding day because we were unable to reschedule her bridal session. But really, CAN YOU BELIEVE WE GOT THESE AMAZING PHOTOS DURING A TROPICAL STORM!?

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We had a small break in the rain and this beautiful purple sky came out. I asked Abby if she would let me try something a little new for me. Being the good sport, she said YES! I busted out my flash and out came these magical portraits with the beautiful purple and pink sky. I gotta give it to Abby for letting me do something a little different than my normal. The reaction from her mom when she saw the shot in camera said it all to me, this was a special bridal session.

bridal portraits

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