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April 18, 2019

Downtown Houston Headshots | Houston Portrait Photographer

Who said headshots had to be boring? As a Houston Portrait Photographer, I love to get creative with headshots. I am bored with seeing the same old headshots on LinkedIn. It is time to revamp them and give them a makeover. Jeff is a Houston business professional and he wanted to completely revamp his LinkedIn profile. For him, that meant starting with a headshot that had some personality. Jeff wanted to showcase the city of Houston during his headshot session because there is nothing is better than a headshot showcasing your city.

We have moved away from the white, blue and black backdrops from in-studio headshots. A lifestyle headshot can still be professional. I believe that it is important that your headshot shows something about you other than your face. Don’t live in a large city to get your “Houston Headshot”? That is okay. There are many different aspects of life that you can showcase in a headshot. Let’s brainstorm some ideas: your city, your clothing, a prop (camera/laptop/notebook), your office, and so much more. Find something that is important to you to feature in your headshots.

A headshot does not need to be boring. Check out the rest of these Houston headshots.

If you are on the hunt for a Houston Portrait Photographer to revamp your headshots, let’s grab a coffee.

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